Predictive Analytics at Data Driven Marketing Conference

What marketer wouldn’t want to be able to see into the future to gain the most value from the customer-base? What many don’t realize is that predicting the future may not be as far-fetched as it may seem. By leveraging various data points, predictive analytics can provide marketers with valuable insight into everything from who is likely to buy to what type of customer is likely to be most valuable to the brand – and no crystal ball is required.

At the upcoming OMMA Data Driven Marketing (DDM) conference, Dan Rubin, SVP of Analytics for The Agency Inside, will be participating in a panel discussion, The Next Big Thing…Squared: Seeing a Future to Predictive Analytics. Although Big Data will be a focus at this conference, Dan will bring the perspective of how customer-level data can be leveraged with predictive modeling to identify and segment customers to produce the greatest customer value.

DDM takes place on Wednesday, January 23rd in New York City. The panel on predictive analytics will begin at 3:15 pm.
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